Friday, October 15, 2010

My Top Tips to Success When You Are Learning Violin Online

If you are looking to learn violin online then you are about to embark on an amazing and challenging journey. The violin is a fantastic instrument and combining this with the technology, excitement and convenience of the internet is going to have a profound impact on your playing and progress. So why choose to learn the violin on the internet?

Why Not Find A Real Teacher?

Well there are some main reasons not to go for a private tutor in person. Simply there may not be one in your area or if there is, like many good teachers they may be fully booked with pupils already. Perhaps you have a few nerves that play a role here too. I know many people that want to learn a variety of instruments but the thought of leaving your house and playing to a complete stranger is a little daunting and even nerve wracking.

Then of course there is the cost. No music lesson comes cheap but learning the violin online is usually a one time payment, often guaranteed and also sometimes the cost is very low. In fact some of the best programs out cost the same for 12 months of tutoring as just 1 private lesson would cost.

Some more benefits to learning the violin online:

You can learn at your own pace. If your haven't had much time to practice you can move on to the next lesson when you are ready. Online tutorial videos can be watched over and over again. There is no teacher looking over your shoulder. Learn from a world renowned violinist. Many of the online programs are fronted by some of the worlds best soloists and teachers with low cost and a money back guarantee.

Like any kind of learning, having a routine, focus and consistent effort will see success reached. So here are my top tips to learning online:

Work regularly - Develop a routine, and write your set practice times down in a diary or even on a chart. Do not skip information, with 12 months of information laid out in front of you on a computer it is easy to skip ahead. But this can result in you missing some important techniques and methods. So follow the lessons in order step by step. Use the features of the program. Many of the violin lessons feature tools like backing tracks, tuners, metronomes and theory lessons.

Use all of them and become an all round musician not just a player. Be persistent - No instrument can be mastered in 3 days, just keep going.

If you are fortunate enough to Learn Violin Online from a master try to stick to the tips above. Learning from a world renowned soloist for a few dollars is a rare opportunity and one which should be grasped while these programs are still around.

Take a look at my favorite review of one of the top Learn Violin Online programs. Taught by a member of the Manhattan String Quartet I can not believe the offer he is making. Personally I think the price may go up very soon due to its popularity and effectiveness. The teacher offers a full money back guarantee if you don't learn how to play but his returns rate is at zero! Violin Lessons made easy.

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