Sunday, October 31, 2010

Learn to Play Violin Online - Why Not?

Are you in search for the perfect way to learn violin? Well, learn to play violin online and you could never go wrong.

Well, before trying to get into online violin self-teaching, you must know the basics of the violin first. Make research and know it wholeheartedly - from its history, structure, the strings and more. Once you're already familiar with the basics, you could then start teaching yourself through the help of online tutorials.

First, we all know that a violin is an instrument that is tucked under your chin and squeezed tightly onto the left shoulder. You need to bear in mind that sooner or later you will begin to develop your own style and that would naturally feel right to you. You need to know how to hold the violin - that is very important.

If you are the type who doesn't like criticism or honest remarks from a teacher, then learn to play the violin online. Also, you could start practicing from manuals, a CD which has guides or instructions, or the trusted video streaming online. In due time, your fingers will get used to the distances between the notes on the violin fingerboard. If you encounter mistakes in between, just ignore them and try to move on. If you are unable to correct mistakes in the early stages then you'll surely be carrying those bad habits your entire time playing the violin. You need utmost patience in order to achieve the perfect way of playing the violin.

To learn to play violin online, it doesn't happen overnight. Start with playing it really slowly and eventually you'll get better. In any aspect of playing the violin you wish you learn, it is a must for you to break it up into sections and small doable ways.

Now, if you're not into online teaching, you could get yourself a teacher. Ensure though that the teacher you'll choose is someone who is reputable, someone who has patience and understanding. Find the best teacher and it will surely run smoothly. Once you found the right teacher then make sure that you'll listen to him/her as he/she teaches you. Remember that it is not easy to teach so try to listen to your mentor and learn from mistakes. Do not hesitate to ask questions and if ever you get corrected, listen and make it a challenge. Do not feel bad. It will only make you become better.

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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Learn Violin With These Secrets

Do You Want To Learn Violin?
There are many facets which must be mastered in order to learn violin. On this page you will learn about the core components of how to play violin.

1. Developing Free Movement
Many people who start playing the violin at first tend to have tension in the muscles and joints, with regards how they use the bow and navigate on the fingerboard. Recovering this freedom of movement should be a student's first objective as they learn violin. 
Playing the violin requires a high sensitivity of control, more speed of action and more power from the arms and fingers.
Tension and contraction of the body should be minimal for playing the violin. This will allow for more freedom of movement.

2. Fingering On The Fingerboard
Fingering on the fingerboard allows the violinist to produce different sounds, notes and pitches. This is done by stopping the fingers against the fingerboard.
The challenge for beginners as they learn violin is landing their fingers in the right positions on the fingerboard as there is no markings which can be of assistance. Landing the fingers on the right positions can require lots of practice. 
Many times a teacher will tell the student to sing or hum the music inside their mind.
Typically, a beginner will use tape. They place the tape on different positions on the fingerboard so they can find and land their fingers on the correct notes and positions.

3. Holding The Violin
The violin is held with the left arm and hand at the neck of the violin. Using your left hand, make a V shape with your thumb and index finger while allowing the rest of your fingers to be curled towards you.
While you are holding the violin make sure your elbow is directly underneath or in alignment with the neck of the violin. Then the wrist should be straight or ever so slightly curled back towards you. It is important the wrist does not touch the instrument.

4. Holding The Bow
The right arm is responsible for holding the bow and it has much more freedom in its movements. To hold the bow, place your thumb on the middle joints of both the middle and ring finger. When that is done, bend your thumb to about a ninety degree angle while still keeping the tip of thumb on the middle and ring finger.

Learn Violin Online
For a review of the best online violin courses click here: Violin Courses
To find the best places to teach yourself violin click here: Learn Violin

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Are Online Tutorials Better Than a Real Teacher For Learning The Violin?

If you have been wanting to learn the violin, but have not had access to a good teacher, the internet may hold the key. As unconventional as it may sound, if you're open minded enough online lessons can prove to be extremely effective in teaching violin to creative people.
The Pros & Cons Of Violin Online
There are many advantages to learning violin online. First of all, it's much, much cheaper than conventional methods. A complete one-year course is around $30 to $50, compared to thousands of dollars for a real teacher. You will also be able to go through the lessons at your own pace, as opposed to being a slave to your teacher.
Of course, there are a few negatives too. For starters, you won't have a dynamic teacher there to bounce questions off. Instead, most online violin schools will provide an online forum, and occasional a phone number. You'll also be forced to develop your own technique, as there won't be anyone there to hold your hand. This can be used to your advantage however, as you'll develop a unique and original style.
Best Online Violin Schools
There are a number of online schools that provide video tutorials and discussion boards for varying prices. Some of the schools are dedicated purely to violin, whilst others offer tuition in a range of other instruments too. If you're really eager to learn multiple instruments, it's very possible to do so quite cheaply over the internet. The higher quality courses generally provide you with jam-tracks, instrument discounts, and other interesting perks. It was very rewarding for me to learn the violin online.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I Do Not Have Time and Money For Violin Lessons-I Will Learn Violin Online

It is a known fact that music lovers especially those who prefer classical pieces wanted to have the musical talent to produce such overwhelming and touching sound that is produced by none other than classical instruments like the violin.

The violin is one of the most interesting instruments to learn because of the beautiful sound that resonates from it. It is also one of the most commonly coveted by a lot of people second to piano.

But certain drawbacks intimidate people from trying it out and learning it. What are those drawbacks then that deter people from learning violin?

The matter of money is the first and foremost disadvantage that is perceived by interested violin enthusiasts. The expensive cost for instructors and weekly violin lessons takes a toll in a person's budget, well excluding the purchase of violin of course since you need the instrument if you ever intend to learn to play it. Next is the pressure those instructors put on you to learn.

They tend to push you to the end of your limits that oftentimes you are wound up tightly like the violin strings itself, and you wouldn't like that. Another thing is keeping to your schedules. It is such a bother to adjust your other schedules so that you can attend your violin lessons.

That is why when you decide to learn to play the violin you got to have a lot of time in your hands because it requires long hours of practice, double efforts and a lot of patience. You might think that is impossible to working people or to those who have full schedules in school.

But that is not impossible now that the internet has broken through every aspect of our lives including learning to play an instrument. Online violin lessons provide you the stress-free learning alternatives that busy people would appreciate.

There are violin lessons online that is especially designed by teachers in the form of video demonstration courses. Taking advantage of this alternative to learn violin online counter the disadvantages people see in a traditional violin lesson.

If one decides to learn violin online, you get to learn it in a cheaper way since you only need to buy the series of courses provided in a package. So that takes care of the money issues and the pressure issues too. It also takes care of your schedule problems because you can learn violin online at your own pace. There is really nothing to lose if you try to learn violin online. So try looking for one that suit your needs.

Friday, October 15, 2010

My Top Tips to Success When You Are Learning Violin Online

If you are looking to learn violin online then you are about to embark on an amazing and challenging journey. The violin is a fantastic instrument and combining this with the technology, excitement and convenience of the internet is going to have a profound impact on your playing and progress. So why choose to learn the violin on the internet?

Why Not Find A Real Teacher?

Well there are some main reasons not to go for a private tutor in person. Simply there may not be one in your area or if there is, like many good teachers they may be fully booked with pupils already. Perhaps you have a few nerves that play a role here too. I know many people that want to learn a variety of instruments but the thought of leaving your house and playing to a complete stranger is a little daunting and even nerve wracking.

Then of course there is the cost. No music lesson comes cheap but learning the violin online is usually a one time payment, often guaranteed and also sometimes the cost is very low. In fact some of the best programs out cost the same for 12 months of tutoring as just 1 private lesson would cost.

Some more benefits to learning the violin online:

You can learn at your own pace. If your haven't had much time to practice you can move on to the next lesson when you are ready. Online tutorial videos can be watched over and over again. There is no teacher looking over your shoulder. Learn from a world renowned violinist. Many of the online programs are fronted by some of the worlds best soloists and teachers with low cost and a money back guarantee.

Like any kind of learning, having a routine, focus and consistent effort will see success reached. So here are my top tips to learning online:

Work regularly - Develop a routine, and write your set practice times down in a diary or even on a chart. Do not skip information, with 12 months of information laid out in front of you on a computer it is easy to skip ahead. But this can result in you missing some important techniques and methods. So follow the lessons in order step by step. Use the features of the program. Many of the violin lessons feature tools like backing tracks, tuners, metronomes and theory lessons.

Use all of them and become an all round musician not just a player. Be persistent - No instrument can be mastered in 3 days, just keep going.

If you are fortunate enough to Learn Violin Online from a master try to stick to the tips above. Learning from a world renowned soloist for a few dollars is a rare opportunity and one which should be grasped while these programs are still around.

Take a look at my favorite review of one of the top Learn Violin Online programs. Taught by a member of the Manhattan String Quartet I can not believe the offer he is making. Personally I think the price may go up very soon due to its popularity and effectiveness. The teacher offers a full money back guarantee if you don't learn how to play but his returns rate is at zero! Violin Lessons made easy.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Most Important Lesson While Starting To Play The Violin

I just wanted to discusss with you something Eric Lewis of
ViolinMasterPro says is the most important lesson as
you're starting out with the violin.

What is that, you ask?

Tetra chords!

Eric Lewis says you'll move forward with great speed
if you don't just rely on rote exercises like scales.

Tetra scales develop your inner ear by matching
what's going on on the violin with what's going
on in your head. This is pitch matching to an amazing

These tetra chords are pleasing to listen to, you
won't get as bored with them as you might with regular
scales (although scales are important don't get me

I didn't learn tetra chords as a kid while learning
violin so it really helped me improve my iolin playing
by learning them here.

In ViolinMasterPro you'll get to see Eric demonstrate
and talk about tetra chords on video, which is the very
best way to learn.

When playing tetra chords your brain is the conductor
of your fingers, your fingers aren't just moving in a
rote way. You're training your ear, essentially.

You play the tetra chord on one string and you play four
notes in progression, starting with your first finger
and continuing through the fourth. You can play the
four notes in a variety of ways, any combination of
half and whole steps.

Watching Eric play tetra chords is going to help you
immensely. You don't have to stare at music while
playing tetra chords because you're only playing four
notes on one string but it's powerfully effective.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Violin Playing Humanoid Robot From Toyota

Toyota has come out with a robot that plays the violin, here is the youtube video with the robot demonstrating its musical abilities.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Violin - Music - Mouse Pads

Violin Mouse Pad is measuring 8w x 8h x .25d, soft commercial quality and high resolution product. The image is permanent and becomes part of the mouse pad surface. Our transfer method produces professional matte finish with Premium Quality and Superior image resolution.
Price: $13.99

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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Violin for the Absolute Beginner - DVD


Product Description

This DVD is perfect for new violin students of all ages, new teachers and parents. Covers violin and bow positions, tuning, attaching the shoulder rest, using the mute, pizzicato, finger graphs, counting, the metronome and instrument maintenance. Easy play-along with Mary had a Little Lamb and A Major Scale. Performance pieces include Beethoven's Ode to Joy, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Arkansas Traveler, A Shakespeare Play and Home on the Range. An ideal Violin DVD for the Absolute Beginner!

Price: $19.95
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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Learning Violin-Holding Your Violin Correctly

Did you know that there are five body parts involved
in holding your violin upright? I'm going to tell you
what those five body parts are, and how to use them to
hold your violin correctly, in just a minute.

If you've ever watched a school orchestra perform
you've probably noticed some students slumping a
little bit. This is a common mistake.

When you first start playing the violin it might seem
daunting to think that you have to sit upright and
hold the violin correctly for long periods of time.

It's not as hard as it seems, especially with the help
of Eric Lewis's ViolinMasterPro.

OK, I promised to tell you how to hold the violin
correctly and which five body parts you need to use
correctly, and this is based on what Eric Lewis goes
into into greater detail in ViolinMasterPro, so here

1. THE HAND: you should hold the violin at the end of
the fingerboard near the pegs, between the fleshy
upper half of the thumb and first finger between the
first and second knuckles. Holding the violin in this
way will keep your fingers nimble and dexterous.

2. THE FINGERS: the fingers on your left hand should
extend up from the big knuckles and curve downwards to
meet the fingerboard. You must avoid placing your
fingers flat on the fingerboard. Curved fingers are
essential to moving around the fingerboard and playing
your notes in tune.

3. THE WRIST: the left wrist should remain straight as
it supports the violin. Keeping your left wrist
straight stabilizes the left hand and allows the
fingers to move freely. A bent left wrist will flatten
the fingers as they come down onto the fingerboard.
This will result in bad intonation and a serious lack
of finger dexterity.

4. THE ELBOW: the left elbow should be sufficiently
elevated to hold the violin parallel with the floor.
It should not be at your side. The left elbow should
also stay parallel with the right edge of the violin.

Keeping the left elbow at this angle provides your
hand and fingers with leverage necessary to maintain a
useful hold on the violin. A sagging elbow will cause
the violin to droop. Allowing your violin to droop
will greatly diminish your ability to play the violin.

5. THE SHOULDER: the shoulder should be at rest and
situated normally. The left shoulder should not be
raised to pinch the violin under the chin. Rather,
place the chin down to the chinrest to steady the
violin. If this feels uncomfortable, use a shoulder
rest or a sponge to help secure the violin.

Note that the chin is not on the list. Avoid the
temptation to clamp down with your chin; you don't
need your chin to hold the violin, it merely rests on
the violin. I know I made that mistake as a beginning

Any time you sit with your violin, do a quick check on
yourself, to make sure your hands, wrist, fingers,
elbow and shoulders are placed correctly. Before no
time you'll hold the violin correctly without even
thinking about it.

In ViolinMasterPro you'll get videos that show you
precisely how to hold the violin, which will be even
more helpful than written instructions.

I can't recommend this program highly enough. See you

P. S. Not only does membership in ViolinMasterPro not
require a monthly membership fee, even though you get
new lessons and content every month, but there is also
a six week money back guarantee.

If after paying the small one time payment you decide
ViolinMasterPro isn't for you, you'll get your money
back, no questions asked. Although, in all honestly, I
can't imagine you'll ever want to do that, but at
least you know the option is there.