Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Most Important Lesson While Starting To Play The Violin

I just wanted to discusss with you something Eric Lewis of
ViolinMasterPro says is the most important lesson as
you're starting out with the violin.

What is that, you ask?

Tetra chords!

Eric Lewis says you'll move forward with great speed
if you don't just rely on rote exercises like scales.

Tetra scales develop your inner ear by matching
what's going on on the violin with what's going
on in your head. This is pitch matching to an amazing

These tetra chords are pleasing to listen to, you
won't get as bored with them as you might with regular
scales (although scales are important don't get me

I didn't learn tetra chords as a kid while learning
violin so it really helped me improve my iolin playing
by learning them here.

In ViolinMasterPro you'll get to see Eric demonstrate
and talk about tetra chords on video, which is the very
best way to learn.

When playing tetra chords your brain is the conductor
of your fingers, your fingers aren't just moving in a
rote way. You're training your ear, essentially.

You play the tetra chord on one string and you play four
notes in progression, starting with your first finger
and continuing through the fourth. You can play the
four notes in a variety of ways, any combination of
half and whole steps.

Watching Eric play tetra chords is going to help you
immensely. You don't have to stare at music while
playing tetra chords because you're only playing four
notes on one string but it's powerfully effective.

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