Monday, November 8, 2010

Why Would You Ever Learn Violin Online?

There are basically only three ways you can learn to play the violin; private tutors, classes, or online.

Classes are OK, but there's a lot of pressure to keep up with your classmates. You're not truly able to go at your own pace. With classes, you do get some one-on-one training, but not much.

Private tutors will provide you with the best one-on-one training and there's considerably less pressure to perform as well as other students (although there is some pressure to perform for the instructor). However, the cost can be prohibitive to a lot of us. This is assuming you've chosen a highly qualified instructor, and how do you know you've done just that?

The main advantage of online lessons is the cost. You can have access to a year of quality instruction, often for the price of a single, 1-hour private lesson!

Online lessons offer a lot of other advantages as well.

- Convenience. What could be easier than turning on your computer and copying the instructor? No more driving to lessons and a specific time and place. You learn when you want, how long you want, and how often you want.

- Pace & pressure. With online lessons, there is absolutely zero pressure to perform. Again, you learn at your pace and no one else's.

- Repetition. Didn't really see what the instructor was doing? No problem, just back the video up and watch it again. Over and over if you have to. You can even pause the video, if necessary, to see a finger position or something.

- A good online violin lesson program will give you access to all the music you need, also online, to practice on your own. Having a private tutor or class means you need to carry music with you, which severely limits the amount you have to practice with.

Do I think that online lessons should be the only training you receive? Absolutely not! That one-on-one time is very useful. By starting with an online program you

1) get to find out, cheaply, if you really want to pursue violin lessons, and

2) won't need as many private lessons or as often, which can literally save you thousands of dollars in the long run.

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