Sunday, September 26, 2010

I Returned To Violin Lessons After Learning A Little About Theory

When I was in high school I hated theory. My orchestra
teacher would offer a theory class every semester but
usually not enough students would sign up for it so
the class wasn't held.

Remembering the order of the sharps (using the Fuzzy
Cats Go Down And Eat Bats saying for FCGDAEB) was
about all I could handle so it was fine by me that I
never took a theory class.

Well, when I got older and returned to the violin
after a good friend gave me that antique violin from
her attic, I quickly realized I needed to get a better
understanding of theory.

I was relieved when I discovered that Violin Master
Pro had both videos and written instructions about
music theory that were easy to understand.

In fact, he gives you enough information that you can
compose your own song with his 12 tone system.
Online Violin Lessons

From the very beginning of time, people sang music and
passed their music from person to person - in song.
Gradually, hundreds of years ago, they developed a
written system - the system of scales, rhythm and
harmony - so that they could write down what they were

They could now share their music with others.
I hope you have discovered that you, too, can be a
composer and a performer! With this beginning, I hope
you will want to investigate everything you can about

If only I had discovered these lessons from Eric Lewis
in high school I would have been able to take that
theory class after all.

It's never too late though. Let me know how it goes
after you give it a try risk-free.

P. S. This is in fact the first time ever that violin
lessons performed by such a master are this easily
accessed and applied for such a reasonable price.

With such a low one-time payment you get access to NEW
lessons in the membership center each month! A
membership site without a monthly membership fee.
Offers don't get any better than this.

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  1. Great post about returning to violin lessons, I myself dropped out of learning the violin and am returning.